is a prominent German lutenist, much sought-after for her solo performances of both Renaissance and Baroque repertoires. In addition to performing solo, she is equally well known for her extensive work as an accompanist and basso continuo with numerous ensembles throughout Europe.

SR01One of the main features of her work consists in exploring music covering the 16th and 17th century. Along with numerous radio performances and CD recordings with ensembles, Sigrun Richter has published a first-ever solo recording of French lute music titled Les Accords Nouveaux I, Pierre Gaultier, and Les Accords Nouveaux II, Tabulature de different autheurs 1631 and 1638.

Sigrun Richter has also been devoting herself to the interpretation and reconstruction of the use of special types of chitarrones during the 17th century – in particular, the 19-string chitarrone according to Kapsberger´s description of its chromatic tuning. As well, her research has brought her to study that period ´s use of brass-strung chitarrones according to descriptions by Piccinini, Pretorius and Mersenne. Sigrun Richter has played these instruments while accompanying Gundula Anders (Soprano) and Hille Perl (Viola da Gamba, Lirone). A recording of this musical collaboration can be heard on the CD Le Musiche de Sigismondo d´India, Del Cielo d´Amor.


Recently, Sigrun Richter has resumed her work of the French repertoire in view publishing a new CD recording within the series Les Accords Nouveaux.

From 1983 to 2000, Sigrun Richter taught lute and historical performance at the Musikhochschule Saarbrücken. Since 1983, she has been working as a professor at the Dr. Hoch´s Konservatorium, Musikakademie der Stadt Frankfurt am Main. She also regularly gives masterclasses in Italy as well as in Germany.

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