Del Cielo d'Amor

Le Musiche di Sigismondo d'India


Gundula Anders, Sopran  
Hille Perl, Viola da gamba, Lirone  
Sigrun Richter, Arciliuto, Chitarrone

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Les Accords Nouveaux II

From: Pierre Ballard, "Tabulature de differents auteurs sur les accords nouveaux",
1631 and 1638


French music from the early 17th century for 10-course and 11-course Lute
First recording in transitional tunings of the Suites of Mezangeau, Dufaut, Bouvier, Dubuisson, Chevalier.

The new tunings – the so called Accords Nouveaux made it possible to explore other tonal effects and playing techniques.

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Les Accords Nouveaux III

FRANÇOIS DUFAUT – Musical Portrait of a great lutenist


the rarest man I hope to see upon the lute.' (Constantijn Huygens)

Listen to the Suites of François Dufaut, one of the most famous lutenists of the French Stile around 1630. He was also among the inventers of the experimental tunings, the so called accords nouveaux which leaded finally to the d-minor tuned lute, the today called baroque lute.

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Les Accords Nouveaux I

Les Oeuvres de Pierre Gaultier Orléanois, Rom 1636


A portrait of the composer Pierre Gaultier - first recording of his music in Accords Nouveaux

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Io canterei d'amor

Petrarch's Canzoniere in musical settings of the early 16th century


Music of M. Cara, B. Tromboncino, S. Festa, C. de Sermisy
Ensemble Chanterelle
Gundula Anders – soprano, Liane Ehlich – renaissance flute and recorder,
Sigrun Richter – lute

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